Why you want to get your AC ready for summer

Virginia’s summers are uncomfortably hot and humid, making air conditioning to more of a necessity than a convenience.

Want to stay cool and help your AC run smoothly all summer long? You need professional HVAC maintenance to beat the heat!

Professional maintenance arguably is the most undervalued service that HVAC companies provide. People think they’re saving money by not scheduling seasonal maintenance on their HVAC system, but it’s really an illusion. Your home cooling system is a very complex machine with many ways to malfunction and left alone, eventually something will go wrong. With regular maintenance, however, you can prevent most of these problems. The low cost of a seasonal tune-up could save you from shelling out big bucks for emergency repairs later in the summer.

Check out our top 5 reasons that professional air conditioning maintenance is a must as summer approaches!

  1. Reduced Energy Costs

The low cost of HVAC maintenance can pay for itself in reduced energy costs. A well-maintained air conditioner means that it is operating at peak efficiency, which ultimately saves money due to less electricity used. This is better for your wallet and the environment. Reduce your monthly energy costs by calling Twin Air and subscribing to professional HVAC maintenance.

  1. Improved Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an often-overlooked but important HVAC topic. It is a factor in the health of your entire family, even pets. Immediate effects of poor indoor air quality include coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue, headaches, and upper respiratory congestion. Long-term effects of poor indoor air quality are more serious; poor IAQ can increase one’s risk of serious respiratory diseases and cancer. An unmaintained HVAC unit is a breeding ground for dirt, mold, and bacteria. Having clean air filters and coils means that your system will circulate clean, healthy air for your family. Some air filters are even capable of protecting you from allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Research has shown that we spend just over 90 percent of our time indoors, so it’s crucial that the air we breathe is pure, clean, and healthy. Taking a proactive approach to HVAC maintenance translates to improved health.

  1. Lengthened Life Span of Your System

Air conditioners are built to last, but they can’t continue operating to their full potential on their own. Normal operation leads to wear and tear over time, so it’s important to catch parts that are corroding before they completely malfunction. Not only does this spare you unexpected breakdown, but it is also much more affordable in the long term.

Modern HVAC equipment can easily last over 10 years, but the key to making it last is standard upkeep and maintenance. There are simple DIY tips, such as regularly changing your air filters and ensuring your outdoor unit is clean, that can make a significant difference in the life of your system.

Do your part to protect your investment in your home’s cooling system by subscribing to professional maintenance on a regular basis. Professional maintenance services unlock your air conditioner’s true potential and complete lifespan.

  1. Optimized Efficiency

Industry research has shown that unmaintained units can take up to 20 percent more energy to perform at the same level as their well-maintained counterparts. This is terrible for you and your unit. Inefficient systems waste money, put unnecessary strain on the environment, and lead to more wear and tear.

With each passing year, efficiency becomes a higher priority. Protecting the environment is a big concern for many individuals, companies, and governments. By taking advantage of the affordable, professional maintenance services from Twin Air, you can do your part in remaining at peak efficiency and protecting the environment.

  1. Minimized Emergency Repairs

One of the worst HVAC surprises is a broken air conditioner at the height of summer. Outages during peak temperatures can quickly go from inconvenience to emergency. While we do offer emergency services to get you out of a situation like this quickly and affordably, we want to help you prevent this from happening.

Protecting yourself by minimizing the risk of emergency HVAC situations should be a priority to every homeowner. Maintenance services offer solutions to the dangers of unmaintained systems. Fortunately, we’ve made the process simple. You don’t have to deal with the stress of an unmaintained system or the headache of trying to figure out HVAC maintenance on your own; that’s what we’re for.

Professional maintenance is the key to detecting minor HVAC problems as they begin to develop. The low cost of a maintenance plan is a far more preferable option than the higher cost of a repair. Work with us to help protect your system from unexpected breakdowns.

Trust Your Local AC Experts

Summer is approaching quickly! Give our efficient and expert staff at Twin Air a call at (540) 636-4848 or reach us on our website to schedule your seasonal maintenance today!

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