8 things you should call a plumber for

8 Signs You Need A Plumber

As a rule, no one wants to call a plumber. It takes time out of your schedule, it can be expensive, and of course, there is the suspense of waiting to know how much it will cost. But as with most things that break or need repairs, a stitch in time saves nine. Here are some scenarios when you should call in a plumber.

Repeated clogging

Occasional clogging is normal, but a toilet clogging again and again probably means it isn’t working like it’s supposed to. Plus, while we can all brace ourselves to plunge a toilet once in a while, no one would want to live with that as a frequent occurrence.

Low water pressure

This might be a sign of a problem in the pipes, possibly a buildup of gunk or corrosion. There are a few other things you could try before escalating. Call a plumber if the pressure gets too low, especially if there is a sudden and noticeable drop in pressure.

No hot water

Lack of hot water obviously means something is wrong with the heater. It may be major or minor, but if you wait on it, it will be a major problem sooner or later. It’s highly recommended that you get your water heater flushed once a year, during which the plumber may be able to catch some issues before they become big problems.

Bad smells

Sinks and toilets are designed the trap smells in with water in the u-bend. if those smells are getting into your bathroom, something is wrong. There may be a leak in the u-bend or somewhere, or perhaps a backup or buildup of excessive gasses. You can try running water into the drain and checking for active leaks, but if the smell persists, you might want to get your plumber on the phone.

Not draining

If the sink or bathtub won’t drain like it’s supposed to, or drains too slowly, there is probably a clog in the pipe. You can try fixing it yourself with a chemical drain cleaner or drain snake first, but if that doesn’t work you should get a professional in.

Plunger not helping

Plunging a toilet works on pretty much all routine blockages, but sometimes a clog might be so deep in the pipes that even a drain snake won’t help. Stop using that bathroom and have a professional plumber come in and look at it as soon as possible.

High water bill

Leaks or running faucets can cost a lot of money in the long run. If your bill is noticeably higher than you expected, or too high to make sense of with your family’s usage patterns, you might have a leak somewhere. Better get it checked out soon, especially if you don’t know where it is.

Gurgling noises

If you hear gurgling sounds from your drains or in your pipes, especially if they don’t usually sound like that, you should get a plumber in, especially if the noises are changing or getting louder. It may be a sign of a blocked pipe, and the blockage might get rapidly worse.

These obviously aren’t the only situations when you would call a plumber, but hopefully we’ve given you a sense of how to react to various plumbing issues.

At Twin Air LLC in Manassas, we are licensed and insured plumbers who do sinks, tubs, water heaters, toilets, sump pumps, and more, and we pride ourselves on quick response. If you encounter one of the above situations, or if anything else about your plumbing is worrying you, call us up at (703) 754-1062. And if you have something non-urgent to ask about, you can also get in touch on our website.

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