3 Big Reasons To Do Spring HVAC Maintenance

Spring is a time for a lot of cleaning and changing things out. The cover comes off your outdoor air conditioning unit, you see if the grill is ready to fire up, and if you have a pool, you clean it. Amid all the tasks you have to do, don’t neglect to get your HVAC system inspected before it takes on the heavy job of fighting the summer heat. Here are three main reasons why it’s so important to get that inspection.


Not getting your system inspected could have a very high time cost for you later one. If something goes wrong with the air conditioning this summer and all the adults in your household work, someone will have to take time off for a diagnostic appointment and then more time off for the repair appointment, since so many problems can’t be fixed all in one visit – i.e. a filter might, but not severely damaged evaporator coils. Taking that time off means either lost earnings or wasted vacation days, and let’s face it, you don’t like either of those things.


It’s bad to be cold in the winter, but down here in the south having your house too hot in the summer is almost unbearable. At least in winter, you can put on more layers. But there’s nothing much you can do if it’s 90° and you’re already in shorts and a tee shirt. Hot temperatures without air conditioning don’t just make you uncomfortable, they raise tempers, make people cranky with each other, make every chore so much harder to do, and just give everyone a really bad day. No one likes those kinds of days, and you can eliminate almost all chance of them by having your system checked before it gets hot.


Any air conditioning issues you can name will be more expensive to fix if they are allowed to sit there than if they had been caught early. Seriously, can anyone think of a problem that got simpler and less costly with time? If you ignore the problems long enough, you might end up with that nightmare scenario of air conditioners: the burnt out compressor.

Preventive maintenance is always the most economical way in the long run. Get that inspection done now while the weather is pleasant, and you can thank yourself later in the summer when nothing goes wrong.

Twin Air in Manassas is here to help with all your heating and air conditioning needs in the Northern Virginia area and can give you the peace of mind this summer of knowing your system is in good working order. Call us at (703) 754-1062 or reach out to us on our website.

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