It’s summertime in Virginia which means that the air conditioners are on and running to keep you and your family cool. However, with time and use, your HVAC until is bound to wear down, meaning that there’s always a chance of a breakdown. Though we highly encourage everyone to schedule an annual inspection for their unit, we know that something could go wrong at any moment.

In the event that time does catch up with your machine, we also want to ensure that you know what to do in order to get your system back up and running as fast as possible, and to keep your home cool while waiting for the repair.

If your HVAC system breaks down:

  1. Find and record the model and serial numbers for both your indoor and outdoor units. This allows the company of your choice to know what kind of unit they will be working with, find and order parts if necessary, and prepare to fix your unit as fast as possible.
  2. Find an HVAC company that you trust and who has certified technicians that are able to with your specific brand. Twin Air LLC has a team of NATE-certified licensed technicians with experience working on a variety of HVAC units.
  3. Find local reviews of the HVAC company you are looking at. Any reliable company will have high reviews from customers who want to share their good experiences with others. You can usually find these reviews on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and on their website. If you can’t find a good review, then we suggest you consider a different company.
  4. Get an accurate estimate for your repair or replacement and ask about financing options. Twin Air LLC offers free, in-home estimates on new HVAC systems and client-focused service dedicated to providing quality service. In addition to estimates, we also offer special financing options on new HVAC systems to help you have money in the long-term.
  5. Schedule a service for your repair or replacement. Once you determine the HVAC company that is right for you, go ahead and schedule the necessary service to have an employee come out in order to get your system operating once again.

Ways to stay cool without AC:

If your air conditioning has gone out and you’ve already scheduled a replacement, you’re probably looking for ways to stay cool until your unit is fixed. Here are some ways to ensure that

  • Close your windows during the day. As the day goes on and it gets hotter outside, so does your home. It is best to keep your windows closed, as well as any blinds or shades, in order to keep the sunlight out, thus keeping your home cool.
  • Utilize your fans. Though the function of a fan isn’t to lower the temperature, it does help circulate the air in your home to make it feel less hot as they create a breeze in the house that can feel cooler.
  • Limit the amount you use heating appliances. When using appliances such as the oven, stove, or even dryer during the day, your home is going to get hotter as they produce extra heat, so limiting their use will keep your home cool. An alternative to your regular cooking appliances could be the grill, while air drying your clothes may help keep from using the dryer. We also suggest turning off the lights in your home when possible. They may seem small, but the electricity still produced heat that can cause the temperature to rise in large quantities.
  • Add insulation to your home. Ensuring that your home is properly insulated can help regulate the temperature in your home, whether it is keeping it cool inside during the summer or warm during the winter.

What can you do?

We encourage everyone to schedule regular maintenance for their HVAC systems to ensure that their machine is working properly and to avoid any surprise issues during some of the hottest days of the year. However, we understand that things can go wrong at any moment. Twin Air LLC has been serving the Manassas area for years and has the resources needed to help if your air conditioner gives out. Call us at (703) 754-1062 or reach out on our website.

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