Remembering to change your air filter could be the difference between a $5 maintenance and a $500 maintenance. If you follow Twin Air, LLC on Facebook, then you’ve heard us say it before – Don’t forget to change your air filters every 3o days! This is one of the most simple yet important maintenance steps for any HVAC system. Not to mention an air filter cost relatively little to replace. 

These air filters don’t just appear out of thin air. And buying one every three months may sound like a lot of money. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out what type of filter is best for your  Winchester, VA home and just how much you should be spending on one. 

What Does An Air Filter Do?

Air filters are meant to protect your system’s motor from dust and debris. Without something to filter the airborne particles in your home, these would collect in your motor chamber and cause damage over time. 

That isn’t the only function of an air filter. The second purpose is to keep your indoor air clean and safe. 

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How much does an air filter cost?

Like most products, air filters vary in cost depending on size and brand. Not only that, but they also have their own rating system for how effective they are. Naturally, this will cause the price to vary.

Below is a chart with the average cost for air filters based on their thickness. For an average household unit, you should pay somewhere in the range of $5-$11, depending on the specifics of your unit.

Take a look and then continue reading to find out how to figure out what size is right for your unit.

Air Filter Size Average Cost When to Replace
1" Filter $6 1-3 Months
2" Filter $11 1-3 Months
3" Filter $17 6-9 Months
4" Filter $20 6-9 Months
5" Filter $22 9-12 Months
6" Filter $30 9-12 Months

What Size Air Filter Should I Get? 

When choosing the right air filter for your system, you should always be sure to read your owner’s manual. There you will be able to find out exactly what size filter your unit requires.

Most home HVAC units call for a 1-inch-thick filter though the dimensions may vary. Vents and systems are built so specifically that you have to be sure to get the right filter. Not only will you struggle to make it fit, but airborne contaminates will not be kept from entering your home 0r your unit.


Make Sure You Get Full Maintenance

Changing your air filter is just the start of a full HVAC Maintenance. To ensure that your unit is running effectively and efficiently, give Twin Air, LLC a call. We can schedule your unit for a tune-up!

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