Do you find your family constantly debating the best temperature for your home? Someone with a bedroom upstairs is always complaining that it’s too hot while the living room on the main floor never feels warm enough. This is a struggle in most households, but it doesn’t have to be that way. An easy solution to this is something called HVAC Zoning Systems.

These allow you to achieve maximum comfort throughout your entire home by controlling each room as an individual rather than treating your house as a single unit.

How do HVAC Zoning Systems Work?

These systems use something called a damper installed inside your ducts or air vents. Essentially, they are extra vents that open and close automatically to change the airflow through them.

You have a damper placed for each zone in your home and they all have their own thermostat for temperature adjustments.

Here’s a Real-Life Example

I have a two-story home and I want to split the temperature controls for the upstairs from the downstairs. So I have my Zoning System installed with the dampers in my ducts and a thermostat on both levels.

When the bedrooms on the second floor are too hot, I simply set my thermostat to 68 and it will warm that floor only. If my living room on the first floor is too cold, I can change the thermostat on that level of the home to 72 to coll it off.

In the end, I have a home where my upper level is a comfortable 68 while my lower level is at my desired temperature of 72.

You could even expand this to have a thermostat in multiple rooms on the same floor. So your master bedroom could have its own zoning system. While your spare bedroom has a totally different one.

Benefits of HVAC Zoning Systems

Like most HVAC upgrades, the zoning system exists to maximize the comfort in your home while also working to save you money. Incorporating this system into your home’s current HVAC unit could save you up to 35%.

Zoning is much more energy-efficient than simply opening and closing vents in different rooms. The dampers provide a strong seal that truly diverts airflow and won’t cause your unit to work harder than it needs.

You will also experience more even temperatures in your home. Because each room is treated as an individual unit you have total control over the temperature. Rooms that are too cold can have their own zone so that they receive enough flow to be comfortable.

Is a Zoning System Right for my Home?

The most common home that can benefit from this system is a multi-story home. Heat rises and so, naturally, your upper level will always get more heat than the lower level. This means that bedrooms or home offices on the second story tend to be much warmer than those on the first.

In addition to multiple stories, if you have one of the following features in your home, then an HVAC Zoning System is definitely going to help you reach maximum comfort in every room:

  • Rooms that get sun in the morning but not the afternoon
  • A finished attic or basement
  • High ceilings
  • A room with many or large windows
  • Sunrooms
  • Spare bedrooms that aren’t regularly used
  • Home additions or extra wings

I’m Ready to Upgrade to an HVAC Zoning System

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