If you notice a sudden increase in humidity within your space, you might want to consider getting a dehumidifier. Excessive levels of indoor humidity can cause health and comfort issues if overlooked. A dehumidifier will help combat excess moisture problems and maintain preferred humidity levels in your home. Below are essential indicators that your home needs a dehumidifier.

1. Damp Basement

Essentially, basements are naturally damp and suffer the most from high humidity. Suppose your basement consistently experiences higher moisture levels than other places in your home, and you haven’t noticed any evidence of water intrusion. In that case, a dehumidifier can be a great solution.

This is especially true if you have an HVAC system and your basement is not insulated correctly. Your HVAC system may struggle to circulate cool and dry air to the basement during the extreme weather seasons, causing moisture build-up. So you may want to consult qualified HVAC experts from Twin Air LLC to inspect your unit and ensure it’s working correctly.

2. High Humidity

High humidity levels can cause many problems in your home, from wet windows and stained walls to damp air and structural damage. When you notice all these issues in your home, it could be a sign you need a dehumidifier to get rid of the excessive air moisture. But if you’re unsure of the cause of the problem, we suggest you hire a technician to inspect your HVAC and plumbing systems.

3. Condensation

Condensation usually occurs in winter when the outside temperatures are extremely colder than indoor temperatures. Cold surfaces such as poorly insulated walls and window glasses can cause water around warm air in your house to condense. So, if you notice your windows are getting wet, and the walls are stained, you probably have a humidity problem.

4. Drafts

Drafty windows and doors can let outside air inside, increasing the moisture levels in your home. Getting a dehumidifier can help reduce your indoor moisture levels. You can also contact a qualified technician to help identify drafts in your windows, doors, pipes, and attic hatches and fix them.

5. Mold

Mold growth is another sign you may need a dehumidifier in your home. Mold spots are a severe problem that can cause structural, comfort, and health issues in your home. A dehumidifier can help reduce your indoor moisture content, discouraging mold growth, and other uninvited substances.

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