As the winter weather starts to set in, you may find yourself in a thermostat battle with someone else in the house. Of course, we all know there’s that one person who prefers it to be abnormally cold or hot in the house – and sometimes the peace treaty comes in the form of a space heater.

Space heaters can be a helpful way to heat a single room in your home without having to turn up the thermostat so high that it makes the entire house uncomfortable. But a few concerns come with using them, including the potential for a house fire if not used properly.

Before plugging in your device, we suggest taking a few moments to familiarize yourself with these space heater safety tips to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe.

Our Top 7 Space Heater Safety Tips

  1. It is a good practice to unplug space heaters when they’re not in use, you’re not home, or while you’re sleeping. Turning off and unplugging them will reduce the risk of accidents such as fires.
  2. It’s also important to check electrical cords regularly for any signs of wear or tear, such as fraying wires or broken plugs.
  3. Space heaters should never be used on carpets because it could lead to overheating and fire hazards.
  4. Using multiple space heaters at once isn’t recommended because doing so can quickly cause electrical overloads and overheating rooms.
  5. Always use a space heater is in conjunction with a working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector – they often detect hazards early on when your attention is elsewhere (a.k.a. that Hallmark Movie on the television).
  6. You should keep your space heater at least three feet away from flammable objects, such as curtains and bedding.
  7. If you have young children or pets in your home, don’t leave them unattended when using a space heater—the risk of injury from burns or fire is much greater when small children are around.

Who Can Help Me Choose the Right Heating Solution?

Many people don’t realize that a space heater is a large appliance, requiring more maintenance and energy than you might think. In addition, they work in conjunction with other heating systems, meaning they can put you at risk for cold spots if used without an adequate system of heating. If you plan on using a space heater in your home, it’s essential to understand how they work and what types are best suited for your living situation. Contact Twin Air, LLC today to determine what heating system is best for your home.

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