Anyone who lives in Northern Virginia has experienced a hot summer night and, as a result, knows how important it is to have a good HVAC system in your home. The summer heat can make it nearly impossible to sleep at night. But if you keep your HVAC system properly maintained, then you can rest easy knowing that you home will be cool all night long – even when it’s hot outside! Here are some tips on how to sleep better this summer with your HVAC system working properly.

Step 1: Change Your Air Filter to Help Sleep Better

Investing in a good heating and air conditioning system is important for keeping your home comfortable. But more than just helping you stay cool in summer, or warm in winter, a well-maintained AC unit can help keep you healthy and help your body function at its peak. Plus, it’s worth noting that clean air filters are important for helping to increase sleep quality – especially if you have allergies! With many homes in Manassas facing higher levels of dust pollution and pollen during hot summers, having properly-installed filtering systems can make all the difference for enjoying purer indoor air quality throughout summer.

Step 2: Keep Your HVAC System Quiet

If you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, it can be frustrating when your HVAC system starts up with a roaring noise in the middle of the night. You may try setting your thermostat lower than normal or wearing earplugs—both of which are temporary fixes. Unfortunately, some systems are too old or otherwise incapable of operating quietly. If that sounds like yours, then there’s only one real solution: invest in a new system. A professional from your local heating and air conditioning company will come out and assess your home and recommend any necessary upgrades. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Step 3: Use Programmable Thermostat to set HVAC Schedules

One good solution is installing programmable thermostat on your HVAC system so that it can run at cooler times during summer nights. If you spring for a Smart Thermostat, you’ll even be able to change the temperature during the night on your phone – without having to get out of bed to do it! 

Step 4: Get an Energy Efficient AC

If you live in a place that gets super hot during the summer, air conditioning is important. Maintaining consistent temperatures throughout your home can help with energy costs and will save you money overall. Not only will an energy efficient air conditioning unit keep you cool at night, but it will also help you save money in the long run.

Step 4: Schedule a Summer HVAC Checkup with Twin Air, LLC

Heat and air conditioning should be kept constant, but it can be difficult to achieve that when your system isn’t running as it should. Inconsistent temperature can cause sleepless nights; one moment you might be too hot, then another moment you might be too cold. Schedule an inspection with Twin Air, LLC.  will have suggestions on how to maintain consistent heating and cooling in your home. So all you have to worry about is what pajamas you’re going to wear.

By taking care of your current system now, you can help keep it running smoothly and prevent issues from cropping up in the heat of summer. When choosing an HVAC company in Manassas, VA, look for one that offers preventive maintenance plans to be proactive about keeping everything running smoothly all year long.

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