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What Not To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink is a useful convenience, and you should take care of it. It grinds up food waste into pieces small enough to make it through the pipes without clogging. But like any machine, you have to treat it properly or it will break...

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3 Big Reasons To Do Spring HVAC Maintenance

3 Big Reasons To Do Spring HVAC Maintenance Spring is a time for a lot of cleaning and changing things out. The cover comes off your outdoor air conditioning unit, you see if the grill is ready to fire up, and if you have a pool, you clean it. Amid all the tasks you...

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8 Signs You Need A Plumber

8 Signs You Need A Plumber As a rule, no one wants to call a plumber. It takes time out of your schedule, it can be expensive, and of course, there is the suspense of waiting to know how much it will cost. But as with most things that break or need repairs, a stitch...

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Comparing Heating Systems

Comparing Heating Systems A by-the-numbers look at the cost and efficiency of three types of furnace and two heat pumps The big difference between all these systems is what powers them, but different kinds of fuel are measured in units that are hard to convert. To...

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